The Rules and Guidelines

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The Rules and Guidelines

Post by Tilum on Sun Apr 20, 2008 8:53 pm

Stuff Forum Rules


It is prohibited to spam anywhere on this forum, although general discussion is for anything on your mind, you must create a topic that can be discussed, for example, it would be impossible to discuss just 1 smile. All posts must have at least two words. Spam literally means. Stupid Pointless Annoying Message, bear that in mind when you post a message. Note: This includes talking about something completely unrelated to the topic at hand.


Swearing on this forum is on the most part, the occasional expletive canít hurt anybody, but donít go around swearing your head off! As a guideline, you should not post any swearword, but if you really need to vent your anger, then please do. Note: Swearing at other members is not allowed.

Arguing with Staff

Please do not argue with the staff, they are here to help you. If you would like to contest one of their decisions, please PM myself (Tilum) and only me. I will sort out the issue if there is one and take action against the member of the moderator. Note: Moderators have been trusted with power by administrators; we will naturally be on their side if there is an issue.

No moderating

Unless you are a moderator in a forum, do not moderate other members, you do not the required resources to carry out a full on moderators job, or the rules and guidelines required to know what to do. It is also not your job on the forum and is unfair on the member, if you want to be staff, please look in the staff recruitment forum and post it if open. Note: Please do not be afraid to report
a post that breaks the rules, they will help us more than you moderating.

Respect other members

Always be kind and considerate to other members of the forum. This rule is taken very seriously. Always remember to treat everyone else on the forum, no matter of their gender, age, religion, or colour of their skin, as you would like to be treated. Note: Members of staff are members of the forum as well so treat them like you would want to be treated.

Posting messages in colour, bold, different fonts or sizes

Please do not write in bold or colour. These are reserved for moderation only. Each member of staff has their own moderation colour which they will apply to the comments that they use for moderation. This also includes different fonts or sizes. Note: You may use an occasional bit of bold to highlight a particular word of phrase, just donít cover the whole post.

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