The rules of the request forum!

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The rules of the request forum!

Post by Tilum on Tue Jul 01, 2008 9:49 pm

Hello everyone.

1. Put a title which is related to your request
Example : if you want a banner, then your title will be : Order for a banner or Banner for a sport forum

2. Only one request per topic.

3. You mustn't post more than 2 different topics per day and per section (for example : only 2 different avatar requests a day).

4. Please change your title of your request topic to (done) when your request is finished.

5. Before sending your request, think about doing a preview of your message, so you can verify if all is OK and that you haven't done any mistake in the text to include or the color codes, etc.

6. If you are satisfied by of the request you did and that you saved the pics on your computer, we advise you to edit the first post of your request and to add [Finished] in the title. More, if your request becomes obsolete for you, edit your first post and add [Cancelled] in the title.
This will make the work easier for creators and moderators.

What you cannot do

1. More that 1 up a day. This means that you cannot re-launch your request if 24 hours haven't passed (Because the members of this board live in various countries all around the world and then, we have to deal with various timezones, this rule will be not based on any timezone, this will be strictly based on the time of your last post). Think that if no one respond to your request, it's probably because your request is not detailed enough, or not clear enough. In this case, instead of simply posting "up", re-take your form and modify it.

2. Putting a title like this : "Need banner quickly, urgent..."

3. Posting a request in another member's topic : You will be served better by posting your own topic.

4. Posting requests for commercial use

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