Smallville: "Requiem" Review

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Smallville: "Requiem" Review

Post by rko1985 on Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:01 am

If "Requiem" is Lana Lang's final episode on Smallville it will certainly be an appropriate send off for her character. It's a saccharine, contrived tale of two lovers who find themselves ripped apart by forces beyond their control. There's no doubt that this is a heartbreaking conclusion to their story, but instead of allowing these characters to part on their own terms we are offered up an overly dramatic display of emotion that only serves to prove that both Clark and Lana are better apart.

The machine-dependant Lex Luthor is on the warpath this week as he hires former Queen Industries genius Winslow Schott (a.k.a. DC Comics' Toyman) to put an end to Oliver Queen and the Lana-Clark rekindled relationship. Toyman is well represented here by Chris Gautier who does an exemplary job of playing the creepy and psychotic mad bomber with a love for toys. Unfortunately, the script underutilizes him and he's only really given the opportunity to shine in a single well-executed scene opposite Oliver Queen.

One of the benefits of Lana having superpowers is actually giving her and Clark the opportunity to have ***. However, I'd finally like this silly assumption that Clark can't have *** with normal humans to be weeded out of the show. It was cute when it was his first time but as he grows into adulthood this needs to be one of those myths that he realizes is nothing more than being overcautious.

Lana proves not to be that useful now that she has superpowers. She now has the ability to follow Clark wherever he goes and miss giant bombs on the rooftops of buildings. I don't know how Lana managed to check the entire Daily Planet and completely avoid seeing the large kryptonite bomb on the roof. Thankfully, Clark shows her how it's done.

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