Death Penalty Debate

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Death Penalty Debate

Post by Tilum on Sat Jul 26, 2008 9:06 pm

Death Penalty Debate

0. Quick Warnings
No one holds the absolute truth. There have been films, books, and speeches by the dozen. If there was an ultimate truth, then one could assume this debate wouldn't have reason to exist. Also, we ask you try to avoid constantly repeating yourself.

I. Introduction
The Death Penalty, also known as Capital Punishment, is when the state punishes a committed crime by death. It has long been used all over the world. Most European and Pacific countries have abolished it while other places such as most of Africa and some states in America still use the Death Penalty. General, it is reserved for severe crimes which may include Premeditated murder and Espionage
In a few places, the Death Penalty can also be given of judged guilty of ****** crimes or even religious crimes...

II.a. Some Pro-Death Penalty Views
For those who support the Capital Punishment, here are some of their views:
> It prevents recidivism
> It discourages crime
> That it is less expensive than life imprisonment This face is false but believed right by most supporters
> This it is a just punishment

II.b. Some Anti-Death Penalty Views
For those who think that Capital Punishment is wrong, here are some of their views:
> What if an innocent is executed?
> It isn't just to take human life
> It doesn't respect Human Rights
> That it's more expensive than life imprisonment This fact is true

III. Where You come in
What are your views about the Death Penalty? Crime against Human Rights or a Just Punishment? Do you think it can be applied in certain conditions? And what about the inevitable errors in the system - when innocents get caught up?


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Re: Death Penalty Debate

Post by Base on Sun Feb 01, 2009 12:45 pm

I have to partial agree with death penalty. Maybe for really bad crimes such as murder etc.

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